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Our story starts in a region called "Nexus" or more commonly knowed as the Void of Nexus. This region in the past was one whole land in which everyone was together, but when the first king of Nexus came him and the people saw that in different places of the land 8 different parts of the land had different powers in them, great powers. The king called on the 3 legendary mages for the lands to be separated into 8 lands, which are now called regions. The king, also told the mages to collect the great powers in each land and form them into crystals, each of new regions now had names, Zeul, which is the region of dawn, Naxmus the region of Dusk, Zeul and Naxmus are debated to be complete opposite, because the great powers are most active in the morning in Zeul, and in dusk in Naxmus.
The 3rd region is Flamus, found in the flourish Forest of Nix. Flamus is a very unique region, because everything is built in the tall trees of the forest, the crystal of this region is sealed away in the temple of the sky tree, guarded by a Feonic Knight. Omega, which is probably one of them most important regions, is 4th. Omega has a lot of secrets about the past of Nexus, such as artifacts and that, is where the land began to break into the eight regions. Hexal is the 6th region, it is known to be infested with jades and rubies, there is lots of mines there, also the crystal, is not located in any mines, only one person knows of its location there. Alpha is the 5th region, but its roads always lead to Omega, people don't know the right path to Alpha unless they get a special map at Omega.
Alpha, which is a very busty city place, is where you thriving business, what's funny is you really would not expected where the power is in this region, why it's literally in the ground, In the center of the city, it's under some road in the region, it will be hard to find. The 7th region is the majestic region of Eaxe, which is more commonly dubbed, the terrain of the clouds, seeing that is that region is known for many flying creatures and machines. Griffins, Drakes, Harpies, Imps, and finally the great Phoniex and Dragon of Eaxe, they guard the power here located at the Temple Of Air, they are known to fuse together to form The Flaming Ostentatious Dragon of Nexus, If defeated not only will it let you have the crystal, but it will give you a Flame Shard, which would grant the user pryo powers.
Now the final region, in which where the king castle is located is Omixeti, It is, from what it looks like a great beautiful land, but it's power zapped by the very king of Nexus, Flatimus, Who always has had a power inside him, because the great power, is the crystal on top of his scepter, which he never lets go of, when he moves his scepter, the very winds move to his direction, earthquakes happen in a far off land, Volcano rubble, Sea grow gigantic waves, The 12th king is a force to be reckoned with. Ian Qual, was just retuning from Neux Square, after buying items to craft weapons. "Oh wow, carrying all these things is quite boring, I should call Luke to seeing if we should go fishing at Lake Imperi".Luke was a person Ian met in Naxmus, who just recently moved to Zeul, they had been friends ever since. When they go down to the last they start talking about the Dexonus, who have been dispatched thoughout the eight regions. "Ian did you heard? The Dexonus have been dispatched!". "Weird, is anything happen? I mean they are in all eight regions "Said Ian. "Well there is only one in each region, but still these guys are extremely strong" Said Luke.

"Funny, the last time I met a Dexonus was at Omixeti 7 years ago, His name is Niex, his not a Dexonus anymore,". Well we are all the lake, break out the fishing gear. When Ian takes out his fishing gear, an eerie transparent figure rises from the lake. "Ian look out!" Screamed Luke. "Wha….."Ian Said quietly. The Figure touched Ian and said Odd words. "Atfe sha Esnoch Oyu, Oyu Ehva", Said the Figure. After that Ian, had images of the future flash before his eyes of the crystals, the king, and then an explosion of maximum proportions. After that Figure vanished, Ian dropped to the ground, Luke rushed to his aid. "Ian! Wake up Wake Up!" exclaimed Luke. "Mgghn……I'm up", Ian said weakly. "What happened? ,I had a vision, what vision?, When the figure touched me I saw the 8 crystals of Nexus, The King having them all, and an explosion of energy and power, throughout the land. "Luke we have to get Gwyneth", we all need to get the crystals" Ian said rapidly. "Ian, why are jumping to things why the crystals, why the king?"Ian said. "Right now we can't trust him, that figure told me something, all I really got from it is fate, and images of the king, with complete omnipotence, we need to stop him, before so forsaken fate occurs." Ok, I'm in let's get Gwyneth ". Ian and Luke when to Quzal, the borough of Zeul to meet up with Gwyneth who was by Zeul Harbor, returning from a trip from Flamus, were she visited her aunt. "Gwyneth!" Ian screamed as she was passing by on the boat. Hold on I let me get off the boat! As she came off the boat, Ian rushed to her and told her all about what happen at the lake." Oh wow, well weird things were happening in Flamus" Said Gwyneth. "The animals have been acting extremely strange and the tree from some reason is having so unsettling shaking to them". After Gwyneth finished her sentence, a large burst of energy from the northwestern part of the region, reports are coming out that Ruins of Zeul, are under attack. "Guys, the reports...". "I know, we got tom get to the ruins now," Ian said in haste. Gwyneth, Ian, and Luke found the nearest transport to the ruins and got to there in less than 30mins."Alright guys we're here, ohhh guys the crystal it's here"Ian said. As they walked up they saw the 1st Dexonus, Xiei approaching the crystal. "Hey it's a Dexonus!" Luke yelled. As the Dexonus heard Luke it ran at rapid speed as the knight drew his sword to attack Luke. "Oh crap, Luke!" Ian shouted as he drew his sword at the same time. Ian managed to block Xiei hit, but Xiei's force was strong, too strong, only one thing came to mine, he had already gotten the Zeul Crystal." Guys come on, all three of us, if we can knock the power of the crystal out of him we can get it, but all three of us have to hit him at the same time, each hit, our power combined can put a massive blow to him" Ian said. "I'am Xiei, the 1st Dexonus of his excellency Flatimus, why do you wish to battle me?". "You're taking the one of the 8 crystals of Nexus, we have too, I just know you're going to use it for evil!". "It is from the good of the Land" Said Xiei. "NO, the vision I had had one of you, and a horrible fate about to be placed on his land, now guys, let's fight! Gwyneth, Luke, and Ian drew their swords all at once, and shot a blast of power at Xiei, which had defeated him and made him tremble at his feet. "Guys he's disappearing…" Luke said. "A Dexonus start to break apart into light when defeated, but when they are evil they break apart into the shadows, in which gives powers to darkness. "You will stop us or the king, if you defeated all 8 of us it doesn't matter, my power will be infused with the next Dexonus, then if he dies, the next, it just goes on until all that power goes to the king……haha you don't know what you up against…"After that last speech the Dexonus was gone. Now, the gang has to go to their next atop Naxmus, which wasn't too far only a 32 min walk. "Well we are in Naxmus" Said Ian. "Ian, how will we find the crystal here? I've lived here for the most of my life, and I don't where it is "Luke said."Well we have to search, the next Dexonus is going after it and we can't waste time, sure the king will get more powerful and nay the Dexonus will get more powerful along the way, but with the power of the crystals, we can get over anything. "Right, hey I think one person here may know, he's my granddad, he's been here since he was born "Luke said. So they when went Luke's granddads house, which was at the far east of Naxmus."That walk was riducous," Said Ian. "Well were here". 'Luke! My boy it's great to see you!" Luke's grandfather said in a cheerful voice. After Luke and his grandfather cached up on things, Ian looked around his house and pictures and noticed that his pictures are extremely old, at least century old. "Wow you've been around a long time huh?"."Well, there is a reason for that…" Ian's grandfather when downstairs to his basement to get something, has he came back he walked up with a bright glow. As he came up it was the 2nd crystal. "Granddad you've had the crystal for a century?!?!" Luke screamed. "It was given to me 100 years ago, It's been keeping me alive.  Out of nowhere a blast came out of a wall and hit Gwenthyn. "I'am The 2nd Dexonus, Lei fear me". As soon as the dexonus saw the crystal he killed Luke's grandfather and tried to take it. Although, he tried to take the crystal, Ian took it and killed the Dexonus quickly with the crystal. Sadly, Gwyneth was killed by the Dexonus. "I can't take this anymore Ian" said luke, "You're on your own" . After his friends were gone, he obtain all 8 crystals and took on the king, after failing once, he gain power from him, each time he failed the king gained more power, feeding on his failures. Ian had one last trick up his sleeve a energy bomb which would kill the both. He ran up with the crystals charging and closed his eyes for the blast, it was a success. Word of the kings death spread across Nexus and how much of a hero Ian was, a statue of him was made in Omega the center of Nexus. Luke, who have heard of his heroics, wish he could of when with him, maybe if he did his would be with his friend right now, but seeing his grandfather die before his eyes was too much for him and just gave up. Gwyneth was buried at Flamus, her home her family still wonder how she died, because they just don't think a blast of energy was what killed her, they feel it was still something else. From this we learn if there a corrupt omnipotence anywhere, someone has to take charge to destroy it, at any cost to save the majority.

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Well I'm your regular teen from the USA
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